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Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT)
‘BELLY BE WELL’ PROGRAM© COMBINES  Naturopathic Care WITH  “Arvigo Techniques of  Maya Abdominal Therapy” (ATMAT)
belly be well
DR. CHRISTINE MATHESON, naturopathic doctor, created the innovative “Belly Be Well” Program© to assist the high percentage of patients reporting a wide range of symptoms occurring in the abdominal or pelvic region. The “Belly Be Well”Program© thoughtfully combines tailored naturopathic treatment approaches with the benefits of ATMAT, a unique external non-invasive massage technique for the abdomen and pelvis which includes educating the patient to practice a self-care massage for maximum benefits. The abdomen is often referred to as the “second brain” due to the high concentration of the nerves in the area and therefore a common region for people to hold stress. The “Belly Be Well” Program© offers natural medicine strategies to relieve abdominal or pelvic stress, enhance circulation and lymphatic flow thereby improving functionality of abdominal organs.  ATMAT has particular benefits for enhancing women’s health issues and is often referred to as “uterine massage”. Christine is proud to be one of only two naturopathic doctors in Toronto trained to offer ATMAT as its popularity grows rapidly in the United States, England and Australia.
August 19, 2014
What is “Belly Be Well” Program©?
“Belly Be Well” Program©
Individuals suffering from the following examples of health conditions
may benefit from the “Belly Be Well”Program©:
  • Digestive Disorders- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation, indigestion or heartburn, Gastro Esophageal Reflux (GERD)
  • Painful menstrual cycles, PMS , Irregular menstrual cycles
    (Watch Natural Menstrual Relief Video ~2nd last video)
  • Fertility goals for conception, Fertility issues (Videos #6 and #7)
  • Recurring Bladder or Yeast infections, Interstitial Cystitis
  • Endometriosis, Ovarian cysts, Uterine fibroids
  • Displaced or prolapsed uterus and/or bladder
  • Peri menopause, menopausal symptoms
    (Watch Natural Menopausal Relief Video ~ last video)
  • Pelvic congestion, pelvic pain
*NOTE Cross-Referrals are welcome FROM OTHER MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS as Christine can offer the “Belly Be Well Program” as a adjunct to other ongoing medical treatments.
September 3, 2015
Casual Q&A with Dr. Christine Matheson, ND- Maya Abdominal Therapy as a powerful and unique therapy. Interview with P. Nauta)
village news
Christine’s article 'Ancient Belly Secret' was published in Village Living magazine about Maya Abdominal Massage click here TO DOWNLOAD THE ARTICLE
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